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Welcome to Softtel Consulting


         Our purpose is to connect people in meaningful ways, and we do this with innovative presentation solutions including:

        Our solutions provides us with the scope to bring differentiated services to market quickly, supported by a scalable, cost-efficient, high-quality network.

        Consider us a partner invested in creating customized solutions that are as effective as they are impressive.  We are a technologically-savvy extension of your business.  Our innovative equipment and creative technical design teams are the means, and the end is your successful solution. 



        What we have to offer?

•    Rapid business-model innovation
•    Intra-company and inter-company collaboration
•    Millennials: Balancing privacy & opened
•    Broadest fully end-to-end tested product portfolio
•    New service development
•    Support and consulting services
•    Proof of concept/trial market support
•    Joint go-to-market programs
•    Retail cross promotion and fulfillment
•    Reliable and simple
•    High quality at a good price
•    At least par with previous experiences
•    Understand the consumer
•    Create the “Differentiation Arsenal” with partner
•    Benefit from customer needs
•    Better overall offer
•    Content – More, Exclusive
•    Proven end-to-end scalable solution
•    Timely deployment
•    Experienced partner


Synamedia Partner

Synamedia provides an unmatched video collaboration experience for businesses of all sizes to connect with people in their ecosystems. Now is the time for an intelligent approach to video conferencing that is simple to use and provides choices from anywhere